Water Service ELITE

Advanced Ultra-filtration


One of the most advanced residential treatment applications, UF filtration can remove particles down to 0.015 micron, allowing for reliable Bacteria and Protozoa removal and very low maintenance and operation costs

UF-7.5 Single

1 Ultra Filtration Membrane + 1 Cartridge With a 7.5 GPM Flow Rate

UF-15 Double Double

2 Ultra Filtration Membranes + 2 Cartridges With a 15 GPM Flow Rate

UF-15 Double

1 Ultra Filtration Membrane + 2 Cartridges With A 15  GPM Flow Rate

UF-30 Quad

2 Ultra Filtration Membranes + 4 Cartridges With A 30 GPM Flow Rate

Customized Solutions

Beyond Bottled Water Whole Home system