Water Service ELITE

Beyond Bottled Water Whole Home system

“Beyond Bottled Water Whole Home System,”
a cutting-edge water purification solution designed to
redefine the standard of home water quality.
This revolutionary system boasts an ultra-fine filtration process, capable of removing contaminants down to 0.0001 microns, ensuring unparalleled purity in every drop. Its commercial-sized reverse osmosis membranes offer superior purification, setting a new benchmark in water treatment technology. Coupled with high-output ozone sterilization, the system guarantees a consistently safe and sterile water supply. Not just pure, the water is also pH-balanced to perfection, maintaining a range of 8.0-8.5, ideal for both drinking and skin health.

Beyond its technical prowess, the system is a marvel of
convenience and reliability. Housed in a fully enclosed,
climate-controlled container, it ensures consistent
performance regardless of environmental conditions.

Remote system monitoring offers users peace of mind, with the ability to check system status from anywhere.

Pre-assembled and ready for installation, it removes the hassle typically associated with such advanced setups.

•0.0001 Microns of contaminant removal for an
entire estate
• Commercial-sized reverse osmosis membranes for
unrivaled purification.
• High-output ozone sterilization
• pH balanced to perfection at 8.0-8.5.
• Fully enclosed, climate-controlled container for reliability.
• Remote system monitoring for peace of mind.
• Fully assembled, ready for installation.
• Capable of being uninstalled and moved to
another location if necessary.