Water Service ELITE

Customized Solutions

Emphasizing flexibility and customization to meet unique space limitations and design preferences, our water
enhancement system stands out as a remarkably adaptable solution for any home.

Tailored specifically to accommodate your individual
requirements, it can be seamlessly integrated into various spaces, ensuring an efficient and unobtrusive fit.

This system features 11 stages of water quality
enhancement, from organic and sediment reduction to
ultrafiltration and UV disinfection, adeptly enhancing water safety and clarity. Its modular design is a key advantage, allowing for bespoke configurations that align perfectly with your space constraints and aesthetic preferences.

Capable of filtering out contaminants as small as 0.015 microns, it effectively targets bacteria, viruses, and cysts, thereby improving water quality. The system is designed for convenience, arriving fully assembled, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired, which simplifies installation. Integrated UV light offers additional sanitation, while programmed back-washing maintains the efficiency and longevity of the filtration media. This system is not just a functional addition to your home; it’s a custom-fit solution designed to meet your specific water enhancement needs with an emphasis on design flexibility and customer-centric innovation.

• Modularized design for flexible customization.
• Filters contaminants down to 0.015 microns, including
bacteria, viruses, and cysts.
• Arrives fully assembled, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired for easy installation.
• Integrated UV light sanitation.
• Programmed backwashing for media regeneration.