Water Service ELITE


Key Features

• Mobile app based (LTE) real time water
consumption monitoring and leak detection

• Automatic, or app-initiated shutoff control

• Tracks water usage trends

• Maps carbon footprint based on water usage

• Earthquake sensor with automatic shutoff

• Freeze protection with automatic shutoff at programmed and adjustable temperature thresholds

• Cloud based data collection to track water consumption trends

• Certified homeowner’s insurance discount


  • Residential Homes: Protects properties from water damage caused by leaks in pipes, appliances, and fixtures.
  • Commercial Buildings: Essential for hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers, where early leak detection can prevent significant financial loss and operational disruptions.
  • Industrial Facilities: Guards against leaks in complex plumbing networks, safeguarding equipment and ensuring uninterrupted production.
  • Municipal Infrastructure: Helps cities manage water resources efficiently by identifying leaks in public water systems, reducing waste and improving service reliability.

Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation is straightforward, often requiring only a few hours to set up, with minimal disruption to existing plumbing. The system is designed for durability and low maintenance, with periodic checks and sensor calibrations recommended to ensure optimal performance


•We provide water monitoring and leak detection with key market differentials

•Certified for Multi-family & Commercial Sub-metering & Billing and Single-Family home water risk management.

•Leak Detection and remote shutoff ( automatic or user initiated)

•Data & Analytics that can benefit all stakeholders
(Property Owner, Insurance Provider and Utility)